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BiTA Standards Council

The Blockchain in Transport Alliance Standards Council (BiTAS) is the world's largest transportation/supply chain standards organization. The Standards Council provides a forum to develop industry standards and best practices. BiTAS' standards model is open source and royalty-free, meaning standards published by BiTAS are free for anyone to utilize. BiTAS is technology- and platform-agnostic. BiTAS' standards development is focused on bringing about interoperability across blockchain technology and platforms, with a focus on data format standards. Members of BiTA can participate in BiTAS at no additional cost.

The goal of BiTAS is to develop industry standards that:

  • Improve trust and enable transparency in the supply chain

  • Drive technological efficiency, ideally resulting in cost savings for those who adopt the standards adopted by BiTA

  • While not defining a single technology solution, BiTA will seek interoperability and compatibility between solutions across the supply chain

At this time, the BiTA Standards Council has three Technical Committees – the Data Formats Technical Committee, the Interoperability Technical Committee and the Finance & Technical Compliance Technical Committee. The committees may have no less than five but no more than 13 members. The committees are organized to focus on particular issues or topics and generally meet on a weekly basis.

The Technical Committees create Working Groups to drive deliverables. These deliverables could be use cases or standards. Working Groups may be organized to be open-ended or to be dissolved once their specific work is completed.

The Data Formats Technical Committee currently has two Working Groups under its direction. Additional Working Groups may be formed at the discretion of any of the Technical Committees.


 Data Formats Technical Committee

The ideal state and primary mission of the Data Formats Technical Committee is to create standards that will define technology-agnostic specifications and other documents specifying data, data formats, templates and schema on issues that impact the transportation and global delivery ecosystem.

  • Omnitracs (Chair)

  • BNSF

  • FedEx

  • Kleinschmidt

  • McLeod Software

  • P&S Transportation

  • Penske

  • SAP

  • Salesforce

  • Transplace

  • Triumph Business Capital

  • UPS

Interoperability Technical Committee

The ideal state and primary mission of the Interoperability Technical Committee is that BiTA Standards Council standards will integrate seamlessly with other industry blockchain standards.

  • FedEx (Chair)

  • Connected Holdings

  • DTL Labs

  • GE Transportation

  • JB Hunt

  • Kleinschmidt

  • Learning Machine

  • McLeod Software

  • Microsoft

  • Omnitracs

  • Railinc

  • Redwood Logistics

  • Salesforce 

Finance & Technical Compliance Technical Committee

The primary mission of the Financial and Technical Compliance Technical Committee is to research, review and advise the BiTA Standards Council membership on new regulations, laws, internal controls and processes regarding the treatment of digital assets and financial data for a global delivery system on a blockchain. All modes of transportation, shipment and delivery will be evaluated. 

  • Echo Global Logistics (Chair)

  • Bennett International

  • BNSF

  • FedEx

  • Intelligent Audit

  • JB Hunt

  • Scopelitis


  • Transplace

  • Triumph Business Capital

  • TrueNorth Companies

  • University of Memphis

  • UPS

Working Groups


Each Working Group is created by a Technical Committee. Each Working Group generally meets on a weekly basis.

Both the Location Component Working Group and the Tracking Document Working Group function under the direction of the Data Formats Technical Committee.

Location Component Working Group

  • Omnichain Solutions (Chair)

  • BNSF

  • Conversance Inc.

  • Eagle Transportation

  • Edge Logistics

  • FedEx Services

  • Filament

  • Kenco Logistics

  • Load1

  • Logistics Exchange

  • Mercer Transportation Company, Inc.

  • Pitney Bowes

  • Seaboard Marine, Ltd.

  • SpotSee

  • Stratelogics Software Inc.

  • Sudu

  • Tranzlogix

  • V&S Midwest Carriers Corp.

  • VTV Solutions

  • Zero Mountain

Tracking Document Working Group

  • Ampliflex (Chair)

  • Aankhen Inc.

  • Century Distribution Systems, Inc.

  • Collabrian Design & Technology

  • Cowan Systems, LLC

  • Custom Pro Logistics

  • Customs Direct LLC

  • Fleet Complete

  • Don Hummer Trucking

  • Kenco Logistics

  • Kleinschmidt

  • Lading Corporation

  • Prime 3 Software

  • Purolator Inc.

  • Stratelogics Software Inc.

  • V&S Midwest Carriers Corp.

  • VTV Solutions LLC

  • Wipro Technologies

  • Ziing Final Mile