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About BiTA

Founded in August 2017, the Blockchain In Transport Alliance (BiTA), has quickly grown into the largest commercial blockchain alliance in the world, with nearly 500 members in over 25 countries that collectively generate over $1 trillion in revenue annually.

BiTA is a member-driven organization; members are primarily from the freight, transportation, logistics and affiliated industries. Alliance members share a common mission of driving the adoption of emerging technology forward. We accomplish this by developing industry standards; educating members and others on blockchain applications/solutions and distributed ledger technology (DLT); and encouraging the use and adoption of new solutions.

BiTA has offices in Chattanooga, TN, USA (Global/USA/Canada); Sydney, Australia (Asia-Pacific), and London, United Kingdom (Europe).

Thousands of companies have applied for membership. 

Common Standards

BiTA members are leading the effort to develop and embrace a common framework and standards from which transportation/logistics/supply chain/freight marketplace participants can build revolutionary blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) applications.

Collaboration & Education

BiTA is a community of members that promotes dialogue, collaboration and thought leadership. BiTA also drives education about blockchain and DLT technologies across the freight marketplace and global supply chains.

A core belief at BiTA is that a market is only as strong as its educational foundation.

BiTA is focused on providing educational resources and open forums to those in the industry interested in leading the evolution of the supply chain through the efficiencies offered by blockchain and DLT.

All BiTA members have access to exclusive content and opportunities, including:

  • Members-Only Section of BiTA Website*

  • Regular Educational Webinars

  • Private BiTA Slack Channel

  • White Papers and Use Cases

  • Think Tanks and Working Groups

  • Proof-of-Concept Development and Testing

* Launching in December 2018

Events & Symposiums

Complimentary* members-only symposiums take place semi-annually, allowing members to meet face-to-face and stay up-to-date on the latest news about BiTA and blockchain uses in transportation/freight/supply chain. In addition to providing networking opportunities, the Alliance’s Standards Technical Committees, Working Groups and Think Tanks give updates on their progress made since the last event.

*For Corporate Members

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