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FedEx Joins Hyperledger in further push for Logistics efficiency

FedEx the giant US courier company, proactive adopter of blockchain technology and BiTA member, has joined Linux hosted open-source project Hyperledger to further advance the use of distributed ledger in logistics, and transportation.

Hyperledger, which was started in December 2015 by the Linux Foundation and now has 270 members, was set up to enable member organizations to build blockchain-based industry-grade applications, platforms and hardware systems in the context of their individual business transactions.

FedEx has been a proactive adopter blockchain technology. Fred Smith, FedEx CEO said earlier in the year he believes that blockchain is the “next frontier” for global supply chains. In February this year, FedEx joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), and Dale Chrystie told FreightWaves: 'We want to work on developing common standards around blockchain technology in the transportation industry, and we continually try to enhance the customer’s experience, and blockchain is tied to that.'

Kevin Humphries, Senior Vice President of IT at FedEx Services told that blockchain technology has 'big implications' for supply chains, logistics, and transportation.