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Asset Balance Solutions joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance

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Asset Balance Solutions (ABS), a data strategy and visualization consulting company with strong ties to the transportation industry, recently became a member of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA).

Applications of blockchain technology within the transportation industry are growing at an exponential rate, but so are the hurdles to incorporating such technology to existing platforms. ABS is excited to partner with other BiTA members to develop standards and education in blockchain technologies for the freight, transportation and logistics industries.

Recognizing the immeasurable potential to advance operational efficiency within the supply chain, ABS will be well-positioned to help foster this future by aligning the company’s deep knowledge of information flow within the transportation industry with the newly formed standards. Josh Kolar, the company’s Founder and Owner stated, “ABS sees tremendous value in our BiTA membership. With the BiTA community at the forefront in establishing new blockchain standards, these direct efforts will pave the way for the blockchain expansion and revolution in the overall transportation industry.”

Chris Burruss, BiTA President, said, "Asset Balance Solutions is the latest member of BiTA, and we look forward to its contributions to the BiTA Community. With interest in blockchain technology growing rapidly, there is an increasing need for standardization in freight, transportation and logistics around the world. The Alliance was established by experienced technology and transportation/logistics experts to build common standards and promote blockchain education. ABS brings a deep knowledge of current industry practices and standards, which will be critical to establishing a seamless path into blockchain application.”

Asset Balance Solutions (ABS) is a data strategy and visualization consulting company with strong ties to the transportation industry. ABS Founder Josh Kolar has 15+ years of real-world experience, including holding various positions at a major railroad and trucking companies within the Omaha, Nebraska area. While ABS primarily focuses on providing data strategy and visualization solutions to its clients, we will be looking to expand our services and expertise into the blockchain technologies space through our participation in creating and fostering adoption of these new standards.